The driving force behind our full and varied activities program is to ensure there’s never a dull moment. There’s always something new to engage the children and help them learn, all while having fun.


Children love exploring and so do we. We organise walks around our neighbourhood, bringing to life places such as the train station or Post Office. Longer excursions for the older children include day trips to Adelaide zoo, the city farm and Cleland Wildlife Park.


The centre often hosts performing artists and community groups, as part of our entertaining incursion program.


A multi-cultural community means fantastic opportunities to celebrate. We mark many important events including Chinese New Year, Full Moon Festival and the Vietnamese New Year.


We also celebrate every child’s birthday. You are welcome to order a cake, which we have with morning or afternoon tea.

End of Year and Social Gatherings

We encourage all parents and children to come along and celebrate the end of each year. With a special visit from Santa, everyone has lots of fun.
During the year we hold social gatherings where families are invited to bring a plate of food from other cultures to share with others. This is a great opportunity to network and meet other families.

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