Orientation Visits

We know how important a positive first experience is, and that your child needs to feel secure and comfortable in their new environment. To help them become familiar with not only the space, but also their peers and educators, we offer new children up to 3 orientation visits, of 1 hour each, to the centre.

At the first visit we encourage you to stay with your child in the room. Our educators will talk with you about your child’s routine and any special needs they may have, as well as what happens day-to-day within the room. Your child can play freely during this time, knowing they have your support if they need it. The orientation visits are tailored to your child’s needs and are flexible.

Depending on how your child goes, we then encourage you to leave your child alone with us (while you remain in the centre) for the next few visits. This enables our educators to build trust with your child, ultimately getting them ready to possibly have their first stay away from family and ensure a smooth transition from home to a group care environment!

It’s also important that you feel comfortable with the people you are leaving your precious child with. That’s why we also offer you (and your child) a tour of the centre when you enroll. This gives you a chance to meet our educators, see our facilities and understand more about our centre.

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