DianaAssistant Director/ Responsible person

    Diana: Languages Spoken – French/Italian

    My name is Diana. I have been associated with this Centre for 30 years in the capacity as a parent, an educator, presently as the Assistant Director.

    Working in the Child Care sector over the years has earned me an array of abilities and strengthened my knowledge-base and in turn has provided me with many rich and rewarding experiences.

    My role provides me with the opportunity to liase with diverse members of the community; welcome and orientate new families into the Centre; provide mentoring to students on placement and provide induction and leadership to new employees.

    I am fortunate to be able to witness children’s developmental growth and share the joys of their learning with their families through conversation.
    I stem from Belgian-Italian heritage and my partner is from Mauritius.

    We share and celebrate the blending of our backgrounds with our daughter and family through food, music and culture.

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